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Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)

Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) are among the most efficient navigation aids which automate the navigation process providing the navigator with full information from all the navigational sensors on the electronic chart.

The combination of all the data on a single display allows the quickest possible situation assessment and decision making.

This course gives hands on training to navigating officer to get familiar with the actual equipment.

The course covers both the aspect of training i.e. ‘Generic Type’ & ‘Type Specific’.

‘Generic Course’ is based on IMO module 1.27 (40 hrs) approved by ClassNK, DNV and in-principally approved by MPA, Singapore.

‘Type Specific’ course is approved by ClassNK, DNV and following makers:

  • Furuno – Model: FEA 2807 & 2107 series
  • JRC – Model: JAN 901 & JAN 2000 series
  • Transas – Model: NS 3000 & 4000 series

The course is designed to cover following objectives:

  • Principal types of Electronic Charts
  • Legal Aspects & Requirements
  • ECDIS Data & Presentation of ECDIS Data
  • Sensors
  • Specific function of routine Planning & Monitoring
  • Updates of Electronic Charts
  • Errors in Display Data & Error of Interpretation
  • Back up System
  • Voyage Recording & Documentation
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