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HSEQ (Health Safety Environment Quality) Management

Company shall always make every effort to ensure the following -

(a) Safety of life at sea

(b) Safe operation of ships,

(c) Environmental protection,

(d) Customer Satisfaction, and

(e) Employee Satisfaction


To achieve the above, the company's efforts shall be guided by the below Objectives.

a) Provide a safe and healthy working environment

b) Maintain an effective safety management system

c) Follow a concept of continual improvement


e) Comply with all international, local statutory and meet customer requirements

f) Prevent pollution and encourage environmental improvement measures

g) Disseminate necessary information and impart training to staff onboard and ashore

h) Encourage all staff to exercise their individual responsibility

i) Protect the assets by effective maintenance and repair resulting in "Zero Time Lost"

j) Perform our social responsibilities towards our employees and customers

k) The medical fitness of employees to properly do their expected tasks

l) Evaluate and review health risks that may potentially affect, and take reasonable steps to reduce such risks

m) Encourage employees to live healthy lifestyles overall

n) Disseminate information to employees on health-related issues that may affect them

o) Encourage employees to make suggestions related to improvement of their health

NYKSM Company Policy - April 2022
ISO9001 Class NK

Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Policy

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