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Chemical Tanker Takaroa Sun Conducts World's First Barge-to-Ship Methanol Bunkering

On May 10, the methanol dual fueled chemical tanker Takaroa Sun, owned by NYK Bulkship (Asia) Pte. Ltd and managed by NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd (NYKSM), participated in the world’s first barge-to-ship bunkering* of methanol fuel.

The bunkering of methanol fuel was conducted in Rotterdam port under the leadership of the charterer Waterfront Shipping Company Limited, together with the cooperation of the Port of Rotterdam, Royal Vopak N.V., and TankMatch B.V.

Methanol fuel produces up to 15% less carbon emissions during combustion than conventional fuel oil and reduces sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions by approximately 99%.

Particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are significantly reduced as well. Methanol is expected to be one of the next-generation fuels for future ships that will have a low environmental impact.

NYKSM conducted risk assessments and provided technical support for barge-to-ship methanol fuel bunkering and contributed to safely supply methanol fuel to the vessel. We will continue to actively cooperate with the introduction of next-generation fuels that have a low environmental impact and pursue environment-friendly transportation modes.

* Barge-to-ship bunkering

A method of bunkering where a bunkering barge comes alongside a vessel to supply fuel. This can be done at various locations, such as along the quay or pier or at anchor.

Takaroa Sun conducting barge-to-ship bunkering of methanol fuel


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