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NYK Group Offers Online Ship-maneuvering Training Course to Bypass COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

The NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd. (NYKSM) training center has partnered with PSAM Academy*, the training arm of PSA Marine, to provide online ship-maneuvering training that makes use of NYKSM’s advanced ship-maneuvering simulator.


NYKSM uses its ship-maneuvering simulator to train about 100 people annually in safe vessel operation. Given the travel restrictions faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of education and training to maintain safe vessel operations has become a concern.

Outline of Online Ship-maneuvering Training

The new course is titled “Virtual Ship Handling,” and during this training, video of the ship-maneuvering simulator room at the training center and connected devices are shared through online conference software. Students can then provide ship-maneuvering orders, such as steering commands, via the online conference software. In addition to being able to monitor the simulator images in real time, students can also simultaneously check the nautical instruments required for maneuvering, such as radar and electronic charts. In addition, PSAM Academy instructors having abundant experience as pilots can share their knowledge and skills of ship maneuvering. By introducing this online ship-maneuvering training, crew members of various nationalities will be able to receive continuous education and training for safe operation without having to deal with COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Future Outlook

In addition to online ship-maneuvering training, we will actively introduce e-learning, online learning, training, etc., and will continue to provide crew education and training for safe operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. NYKSM Training Centre and ICT Team will continue to work together creating solutions.

Video showing online ship-maneuvering simulator

NYKSM and PSAM Academy staff conducting training

* PSAM Academy In 2013, PSA Marine established PSAM Academy to offer standard and bespoke training programmes in maritime resource management, harbour tug-handling, piloting and ship-handling to maritime leaders and professionals. Facilitated by PSAM Academy’s trainers who are licensed Singapore harbour pilots with at least 15 years of pilotage experience, their competency-based three-pronged learning methodology allows our course participants to effectively acquire competencies that are then transferred to the workplace.


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