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NYKSM Obtains DNV Certification for Online LNG Steam Turbine Training

LNG steam turbine simulator training by NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE LTD (NYKSM) training centre in an online environment has been certified by DNV, a ship classification association based in Norway. This is the first time in Asia that DNV certification has been obtained for online steam turbine simulator training.

The DNV certification confirms that the training content follows the SIGTTO standards* and that the training is conducted effectively. The training is provided for seafarers boarding LNG carriers with steam turbine plant for the first time. It follows SIGTTO standards and comprises content unique to NYK Group, including NYK’s safety culture, engine room operational standards, and the adoption of new technologies. Use of the steam turbine simulator is also included. Before this training was made available, participants would need to travel to the NYKSM training centre in Singapore for simulator training. However, a cloud-based steam turbine simulator now makes training in an online environment possible. All content, including cloud-based steam turbine simulator training and lectures, can now be provided online. This has made it possible for NYK Group seafarers aboard LNG carriers to complete training without having to travel to Singapore. NYKSM introduced online ship handling training in September 2020, and afterward added online cargo-handling training for LPG carriers, Bulk carriers, car carriers, oil tankers and LNG carriers. NYKSM is currently working to utilize all resources to introduce online and e-learning options to all types of training. NYKSM, as a member of NYK Group, will continue its efforts to train seafarers even during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the continuing necessary transport of food, supplies, and energy resources.

In February 2021, the NYK Group ESG Story** was released, which aims to further accelerate the integration of ESG into the management strategy. This online steam turbine simulator training achieves this ambition.

* SIGTTO standards

The LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards (SIGTTO Standards) were established in November 2005 by the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators Limited (SIGTTO), a non-profit organization of members representing gas and power companies, LNG carriers, and terminal operators. The SIGTTO Standards are agreed criteria for best practices and acceptable standards to provide safety to the industry and to enhance energy security. ** NYK Group ESG Story A guideline detailing concrete efforts to integrate ESG into management strategies of the NYK Group.


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