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On 16th May 2020, NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE LTD (NYKSM) conducted a virtual leadership visit on VLGC, M/T LEGEND PRESTIGE. Mr. Hemant Singh Pathania, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, conducted this visit while ten other NYKSM staffs including Mr. Hisaya Higuchi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, joined as participants.

The objective of the meeting was:

  1. For good mental health, well-being and to motivate officers and crew members in present difficult time of COVID, top management conducted virtual ship-visit.

  2. Leadership-visit as part of Shell Partners in safety program.

On board the vessel, the ship staffs were separated into two groups, officers and crews. At the meeting, a comfortable atmosphere was created to allow seafarers to relax and talk frankly. Discussions took place on various topics, such as crew changes and food procurement in the COVID-19 pandemic, recent near miss cases and many others.

Here are some feedback from the ship staffs after the meeting:

  • Meeting was very well organized and conducted.

  • All members from shore side were very polite and all concerns of ship staff were very patiently heard and addressed to.

  • Crew motivation level increased positively, as they got opportunity to express and felt their issues were heard.

NYKSM was also satisfied at the outcome of the meeting and are relieved to know that the ship staffs are maintaining high motivation during this difficult time. NYKSM would like to continue conducting such meetings to keep good communication with all ships.


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